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The Game

Hit the front line in Warface – a free-to-play first person shooter that offers new multiplayer missions every day. Fight in Co-op or PvE mode against the corrupt military juggernaut Blackwood as part of the elite forces of Warface!

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March 2015 Clan Challenge Season started today - - 2015/03/01 14:28

Today is the first day of the March 2015 Season of the Monthly Clan Challenge. New, exclusive rewards await you – there is currently no other place you can get the AOS M2 Exosuit skins. This sea...

March 2015 Clan Challenge introduces new rewards to the Clan Ladder - - 2015/02/27 16:31

Having spiced the last stretch of the current Clan Challenge up with our D17 PTB Extravaganza [] event, we decided that it’s time to let you know of our plans regarding the Clan L...

Upgraded equipment sale—this weekend only! - - 2015/02/26 17:00

Every soldier faces this kind of dilemma eventually: The hard choice between hiding in a corner and trying to stay alive or supporting your team at the risk of not making it out unharmed. That’s...

Keep your account safe and secure - - 2015/02/26 14:05

As we are fighting hackers and game account thieves, we wanted to take a moment to remind you of a few steps that will help you to keep your account safe and ready for anything Blackwood might throw a...

Dominate Clan Wars on our new D17 PTB map for amazing prizes - - 2015/02/25 17:00

The February Clan Challenge[] is entering its final phase, which means that the ladder results are more or less final. Or are they? The very foundations of the Clan Ladder standings[www...

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