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Co-op Overview[edit | edit source]

Cooperative Game Overview[edit | edit source]

In each Co-op mode, you and four teammates complete different missions all over the world. Each mission consists of several locations, and you will have a specific goal for each theater of war. When your mission is complete, a helicopter will extract you and deliver you to the next conflict where help is needed. A rapidly changing global situation calls for rapidly changing missions too. You're in charge of choosing which mission you want to complete next. Some missions expire, but others take their place. So don't give up. Take your favourite weapon, join your team, and do what needs to be done! Your work will be rewarded with money and Crowns used for special item acquisition.

Co-op Lobby[edit | edit source]

Cooperative Lobby[edit | edit source]

This is where your Co-op experience starts. You can pick the mission you want to play. Choose a difficulty, see who was the best and try to beat their record, create your own game and invite your friends. That's all there is to it; go and fight!

Channels[edit | edit source]

There are four difficulties:

  • Initiation
  • Regular
  • Skilled
  • Hardcore

Playing on difficult missions provide bigger rewards; however, the challenge may be too much! Feel it's too east for you? Try hardcore!

Play Mission[edit | edit source]

Click the JOIN button and the system will find a team for you and drop you into the selected part of the world where your help is required.

Private room[edit | edit source]

Make a private room for you and your friends. Hover over a mission and press CREATE, or simply check the "Private Room" box in the mission lobby. You can be sure that no random people will be assigned to your team. When your room is done you can invite your friends from the friends list.

The Best of the Best[edit | edit source]

Click on the "Mission Leaderboard" in the game room to see the best results for that mission. Think you can do better? Go and get the new high score!

Co-op Game Room[edit | edit source]

Cooperative Game Room[edit | edit source]

This is the place where you meet your teammates for the next mission and complete the final setup for your game.

Select a Vendor[edit | edit source]

Play missions and unlock new items. There are 3 Vendors: Weapons, Outfit and Equipment. Within the game room you can select the vendor for which you want to play. The item that will be unlocked - with a progress bar - is displayed on the VENDORS menu item in the lobby. Play the game, finish the missions and matches and earn vendor points for the selected vendor. As soon as you have collected enough points, the item will be unlocked, waiting for you in the SHOP, ready for your purchase.

Select Class[edit | edit source]

Keep an eye on your teammates, check which classes they use, and decide which class you will use in this game. Don't forget that classes complement one another in battle! The class icon next to each player shows which class they have selected. Remember: you can't switch classes during Co-op missions, so choose wisely and stick to that role to succeed as a team!

Start a Mission[edit | edit source]

After choosing your vendor, selecting your class, and customizing your character, you are ready to play. Press "READY". The Game Master can start a game when all other players are ready. "READY" status means you have finished all pre-game decisions, so you can't change class, go to loadout or leave the room while your status is "READY".

Co-op Game Play[edit | edit source]

Cooperative Gameplay Objective[edit | edit source]

You will have a separate objective on each sub-level, which is displayed on your radar and mini-map. As you move through checkpoints in these sub-levels, your fallen teammates are resurrected, your gear and ammo are also restored. When your objective is completed, proceed to the evacuation point. A transport helicopter will pick you up and transfer you to the next location or your home base. The helicopter won't arrive before you have completed the mission's objective.

Commander's Orders[edit | edit source]

Besides the main objectives you will have a list of unique commander orders for each mission. You can complete your mission and win the game without completing them, but the extra effort will reward you and your teammates with more money and experience points from the headquarters. Completing these orders is the mark of a true soldier!

Performance Evaluation[edit | edit source]

Headquarters love fast, efficient, all-out performances. Kill enemies quickly in spectacular fashion to increase the performance meter. The higher the performance indicator, the more points you earn. The indicator X2, X3 and so on, display total team performance, and decreases as soon as the game becomes slow and uneventful.

Coin Resurrection[edit | edit source]

Even if you've been shot dead and your Medic is too busy to save you, you can still resurrect yourself and help your team complete the mission. Resurrection coins are designed specifically for this kind of situation. You can buy a coin pack in the "SHOP" to increase the odds of completing your mission. Forget to stock up on coins? No problem; you can purchase them right on the battlefield as well.

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