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Secondary Challenges

Within the PvE missions one can undertake secondary challenges that upon completion give a 10% boost in rewards for the mission. These challenges can be viewed when selecting the mission on the lobby or looking at the scoreboard in game (TAB). Some of the figures listed below maybe multiples of the real numbers that are shown in the mission. It may be wise to complete some missions in the first part of the map as it can be very challenging to finish in the 2nd parts of some maps. Furthermore, some missions may have two secondary objectives that need completion for the bonus reward at the end.

Objective Easy Normal Hard
Kill enemies with headshots. 10 15 20
Kill enemies with melee weapons. 5 7 10
Kill enemies in slide. 5 10 15
Achieve 5X score multiplier. 1 1 1
Kill enemies with headshots in slide. 1 2 3
Kill enemies with headshots using pistol. 3 7 10
Kill enemies with headshots out of zoom. 3 5 10
Kill enemies with pistol. 10 15 20
Perform Brain Smasher actions. 2 3 5
Perform Butcher actions. 1 2 3
Kill enemies using grenades. 2 3 4
Kill enemies using defibrillator. 2 3 4
Kill enemies with headshots using melee weapons. 1 2 3
Kill enemies using claymores. 1 2 3
Kill enemies with silenced weapons. 10 15 25
Perform a Combo-kill. 1 1 1
Perform Severe murder action. 1 1 1
Kill enemies with headshots in prone position. 5 10 15
Kill enemies using knifes. 3 5 10

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