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In Warface's ever-expanding Co-Op mode, the players are placed in the boots of Team Warface operatives, taking on the Blackwood armies in a variety of global settings.

Fight in the Kosovo (Eastern Europe) and halt Blackwood's weapon acquisition program; counter their expansion into the cities of Asia; take to the favelas of South America to expose their inhuman experiments; and prevent Blackwood exploitation of the oil rich regions in the Middle East. Each of the missions has two parts, the second part normally involves a boss or a wave of enemies.

The PvE maps in warface are rotated every day to bring new challenges. There is currently 1 initiation mode, 2 regular modes, 1 skilled mode and 1 hardcore mode. The latter 3 all give the ability to earn crowns with regular missions being able to earn 24 crowns, skilled 56 crowns and hardcore 120 crowns. Within each mission there are bonus challenges such as killing 30 enemies with headshots, these give a 10% bonus on the rewards gained from the mission (crowns not included). There is currently a rotation system in place that changes all maps every day. As well as these normal PvE missions, there is a special mission called Tower Raid, which sees the Warface team fight their way up a skyscraper battling different enemies on each floor to reach the top and kill Oberon White the leader of Blackwood. This mission is lengthy and on average takes around 45-50 minutes but the reward at the end of the mission is well worth it. A lot of XP, VP and warbucks as well as a tower raid box that can give items such as cash, coins and ultra rare weapons for 24 hours.

Warface currently has 4 different level of difficulty for the PVE missions. You can play with 5 people for each mission but need 3 people to start the mission. The easiest being Initiation, there is currently one mission available at this level of difficulty and is ideal for beginners to get used to their weapons and learn the best way to play the PvE maps. The next level of difficulty is the regular maps, currently 2 of these maps are available to play each day. These maps are relatively simple and require good teamplay to overcome. The skilled mission becomes more challenging as enemies become tougher and have more firepower. The hardcore are 'hard' and require good team coordination from team mates to make sure the blackwood forces do not kill you. The hardcore mission as well as the tower raid mission have friendly fire on so be careful of shooting your teammates by accident. The tower raid missions, sees you fight against enemies on different floors of a skyscraper with each level getting tougher. The first few floors see you fight against security guards and cqb enemies. Then as you progress you face harder enemies such as Spec-ops, Shields, Snipers and Demomen. Some floors have poison so be aware. On the last floor you face a helicopter carrying Oberon White. It takes 3 rpgs to destroy and these rpgs spawn at two points. It is wise to use a lot of smoke to conquer the tower raid mission.

PvE Settings[edit | edit source]

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